Professionals & Executives

Looking at the complete financial picture including, life and medical insurance, bonus plans, stock options, defined benefit and contribution plans ensures that we protect and prioritize your financial security and future. Some of our customers include dentists, engineers, doctors, sales professionals, consultants, art dealers etc.

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Planning on the lifestyle you want and estimating the funds you will need are integral building blocks when planning for the retirement milestone. We review your  retirement benefits and pensions and see how we can increase your financial security. Whether you want to travel or build your legacy, your retirement plan is there to make your post-work life exciting and richly rewarding.


Managing your family’s finances can seem like an acrobatic act that is complex. There are multiple intricacies that are at play such as home ownership, cost of raising children, post-secondary tuition and many other unexpected curveballs that life may decide to throw your way. Therefore, protecting your family members with insurance that yields benefits in good and bad times and providing short and long-term financial flexibility is integral to the process. 


Business owners are very busy managing their day to day operations and need financial planning considerations at each stage of their business cycle objectives. Such objectives may include raising capital for the business, setting up financial safety nets for contingencies, wealth accumulation, protection and minimizing taxes. Eventually as the business evolves and is well established, business owners may look at succession planning, business retirement plan consulting and business protection in the next phase.